Vocabulary: Character & Personality.

Listen to the following audio about character and

personality, then match the definition in it to the

correct adjective from the list below.

(Go to «Materiales» and see the script of the audios)


1. Someone who is like this has a strong desire
to be successful, rich or powerful.

2. If you are like this you say exactly what you
think without trying to be polite.

3. Someone like this is intelligent and able to
understand things easily or plan things well.

4. This person has the ability to invent and
develop original ideas, specially in the arts.

5. These people say and do interesting or amusing

6. If you describe someone like this you mean that
they work very hard.

7. This person is easily irritated by things.

8. They form opinions of people and situations very
quickly when it would be better for them to wait
until they know more about the person or situation.

9. If you describe a person like this you mean that
they are interested in things which do not concern them.

10. If you describe someone like this, this people
are willing to listent to and consider other people's
ideas and suggestions.

11. Someone like this, is very friendly and likes
meeting and talking to people.

12. If you are like this about something, you are
too easily worried and offended when people talk about it.

13. People like this can be trusted to work well
or to behave in the way that you want them to.

14. Someone who is like this shows confidence in
what they say and do because they are sure of their own abilities.

15. These people are friendly and enjoy talking
to other people.

16. These people don't like to spend money.